The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Range

Cleansing and calming

A sneak-peek at The Body Shop’s Fuji Green Tea range to be released April 7th, including some first impressions.


Though The Body Shop’s Cherry Blossom scent falls slightly short for me (I have high expectations for scents quintessentially associated with Asian culture), Fuji Green is actually a pleasant cross between Crabtree & Evelyn’s Aloe Vera and L’Occitane’s own Thé Vert scent.

In fact, I imagine that the new cologne would be popular amongst those that like Thé Vert, but found it a little too strong or did not like the citrus notes in L’Occitane’s EdT. The Body Shop’s version seems to be softer and has aquatic floral notes to replace the citrus aspect.

The Body Shop’s body butter formula is famous enough, but the new scent’s formulation seemed a little less moisturizing, focusing more on hydration instead in my opinion. It certainly felt lighter (not as thick or oily) than normal when I tried it out.

While I did not happen to be able to try the bath products in store, just from observations, the shower scrub seems quite rough and while the gel base is way too watery. It was the least interesting product of the range for me.

What is hidden within the tin is a new bath tea product, and as it was sealed- I was unable to take a peek. The green tea to bath tea idea seems generally appealing and appropriate though. It should be a nice relaxing treat.

Which of the products in the new range are you most looking forward to trying out?


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