LUSH Floating Flower

A carousel of colours

I recently found my LUSH Floating Flower floating around in my suitcase (no pun intended) which I had neglected to unpack until now… and I really shouldn’t have, because if I had known Floating Flower would be so delightful, I would have purchased back ups.

The bath bomb was from the Valentines collection earlier on, but if you’re in Asia and you celebrate (or suffer on) White’s Day (or Reverse Valentines day) you’ll have seen Floating Flower on sale for a limited period once again.


Floating Flower is a beautiful bath bomb with a myriad of colours that fade into a warm yellow pink when thrown in the tub and has the same sensual jasmine scent of LUSH Lust perfume.

Coupled with a cup of hot green tea latte (because jasmine and green tea are just as awesome of a pairing as apple and cinnamon) it makes sure skin soft, whiel the water is fragrant enough to scent your skin for the whole night.


It fizzed nice and slowly, so you’re able to enjoy all the colours and would make a wonderful treat at night. to be honest, I can’t really see it working during the day and it probably wasn’t designed to be used that way as I like to think that Floating Flower had been inspired by diya used in aarti (Indian devotional rituals) which are performed at night.


Since we don’t have a bath tub in our dorms, we each have our little tub for hand/feet soaks. So as to not waste product, I’ve broken mine into half and only used that in the tiny tub.



It felt relaxing and the soak was moisturizing, but Floating Flower really is more of a romantic event rather than a skincare treatment. With it’s overwhelming pink tones and bursts of yellow, green and blue – it’s truly a celebration of the senses.


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