Anime To Watch: Spring 2015

Spring marks the official beginning of another year and the arrival of new anime to watch. Most of us are pretty excited for the new season of Gintama and the return of some much loved classics, but the Spring 2015 season has tons of freshly hidden gems waiting to be loved as well.


I’ve compiled a list of the ones I plan on watching; and why I’m looking forward to it. As reference, I prefer reading shoujo as manga and watching shounen as anime as I love how fast paced animation renders that genre.

So onto some shows to keep your eyes on in no particular order…


I know many liked the ‘Final’ movie that was released for Gintama, but I just never really felt much for it. As a final for what was such an awesome series (hiatuses aside) it fell below expectations and was generally lacking.

Coming back with even more awesome animation, a new OST to look forward to and (from the look of teasers) a minimal character design change – this is exactly what fans have been waiting for.


Lupin III (2015)

To this day, Mine Fujiko remains one of the most kick-ass female leads in any show and I’ve got high hopes for Lupin the Third in this 2015 version. Hopefully, we’ll get some original plots thrown in the mix, but even if it’s just a remake with better pixel quality and smoother animation – the story itself beats out so much of the competition it doesn’t have to try anyway.

With Yu Kiyozono having produced the cinematically brilliant spinoff that was The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, I have high hopes for this new series.


Diamond no Ace: Second Season

Yes! Feed me more sports anime! I confess that there’s a large Daiya no A poster in my room only because the guys are all so lovable. DnA has a perfect pace that knows when it has to go slow to draw suspense and tension to torture readers/viewers and when to tease us with comic relief when things get tough.

Though Sawamura started out your typical loudmouth Naruto-esque shounen manga lead, he’s really developed as a character and grown on me. Miyuki fanservice is always welcome. Harucchi also continues to impress in the manga so I’m looking forward to see how it’ll translate on screen – cute guys that get things done get a big thumbs up from me.


Nisekoi 2

Love. It connects everyone and everything – whether you like harems or not, Nisekoi is genuinely a masterpiece in conveying that feeling of 썸 (some*) that tags along with high school love despite its over the top setting.

*썸 is the shortened form of 썸씽 (something), it’s similar to 曖昧 (ai mei), which describes vague and/or teasing relationships between a man and a woman (or just respective partners – there’s no gender discrimation) that are not a couple (or maybe, just not yet a couple), but seem more than friends


Shokugeki no Souma

You never be out of eye candy with Shokugeki no Souma! I love the manga, because with food porn, cute guys that can cook, hot (well-endowed) girls almost always shown in compromising situations with minimal clothing, and distinctive characters – there’s something for everyone.

SnS takes food porn to a whole new level and it’s got nude scenes where their bodies glow – yes, both men and women – think magical girl transformation, but as anime goes – it’s not unbearable and the fanservice is inserted appropriately and not just there to be fanservice. Despite the ecchi and shounen tags, SnS also has some pretty strong female leads.


Digimon Adventure tri.

Looking at the line-up in the pre-release photos there’s no changes as to the cast and their respective digimon partners (and that makes me so, so happy). I’m mainly excited for the return of the original characters that made me love Digimon so much (apart from Frontier – Frontier is my bae of the Digimon verse), but the art is absolutely delightful to look at.

It seems that they took out some of the more garish aspects of the past animation and it looks smooth; albeit slightly feminine, as all the characters having been given the ‘long limbs’ treatment (and Agumon looks tiny next to Tai. The more ‘mascot’ feel of the Digimons – who look like they’ve been given the ‘chibi’ treatment – now have these bulky heads (looking at you Agumon), which I’m not sure whether I love yet.


Ore Monogatari

I legitimately have no idea what this is about apart from the fact that it’s a shoujo with the bigger guy as the lead – which piqued my interest enough. It’s a refreshing take on the genre and I’m excited!

I actually first found out about Ore Monogatari when they did a crossover with Nisekoi and Ao Haru Ride (Kouuuu~). Hopefully it’s as interesting (and funny) as it looks.


Kuroko no Basket 3

Semi Final time! I do really love my sports anime and with a lead as lovable as Kurocchi – how could you not like KnB? I’ve been meaning to get into Haikyuu, but I think I prefer the manga to the anime.

Kuroko no Basuke is a ‘leftover’ from the winter season and right now it’s going a little slow for my taste. Hopefully the pace will pick up soon =]



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