DIOR DiorShow Fusion Mono – Kingdom of Colours Collection Swatches

Things to do at the department store…

Swatches of the two shades of DiorShow Fusion Monos from the Dior Kingdom of Colours Collection.

IMG_5876 1

Myriade 531
Is a pale beige with a very slight peach tone, very close to my skin tone – slightly lighter than NC10? It has a more metallic/foiled finish

Olympe 871
Is a grayed purple. The gray tones are actually much stronger in real life than in photos, and when applied looks like a faded stormy dark brown instead of having the purple tone you see in the photo. Olympe has some silver and pink/lilac shimmer.

Both shades took quite a lot of swipes to build up to what you see on my hand. They apply sheer and would work well on low maintenance days when you don’t want to bother getting out your brushes as they are pretty much fool proof.


Valentines Perks

Chocolate, coffee and makeup describes my Valentine’s

Starbucks treats us all to chocolate while Illamasqua gives us a little love.

To enjoy a Limited Edition Triple Hot Chocolate (crafted with dark and white chocolate, topped off with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle) today simply say the password “We love chocolate” to share a second with someone special for free. Time to go to Starbucks with a friend isn’t it?

unnamed (1)

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St. Valentine Reads

Midnight rendezvous’ with fictional beaus

Happy Valentines everybody!

How do you plan on spending your Valentine’s Day? I’ve planned a Galentines date at a nice Italian restaurant – Carluccio’s, here I come! – with a friend to celebrate our single status’.

However, once I get back at night I’ve already planned a few rendezvous’ with my favourite romance novels. Being 18 sure has some liberating perks in terms of what books I’m now allowed to purchase…

Rest assured, none of the following books are remotely related to the horribly written 50 Shades franchise (while I do acknowledge the novelty of it, I certainly could not stand listening to Ms. Steele’s inner self every 3 seconds) and I do enjoy a more historical persuasion, such as copious amounts of Lisa Kleypas as she knows how give justice to ‘happily ever after’s.

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MAC Toxic Tale Lipstick

Pick Your Poison: Red Water, Hebenon, or Toxic Tale?

Originally from their Venomous Villains collection and recently re-promoted in RED RED RED, MAC’s Toxic Tale makes its comeback just in time for Valentines, also known colloquially as the ‘Day of Inflated Chocolate Prices’.

IMG_7225 1

I stalked the MAC website for hours before snatching it within the quarter of an hour it was released as I feared that it would sell out before I got my hands on it, and I’m immensely proud of my decision to do so as Toxic Tales proves to be one of the more popular products in the collection.

On a side note, I have also promptly fell in tragic love with another limited edition product. Though the Joker wasn’t involved in the production of this drug, I’m sure they added their own dose of Smilex to Toxic Tale – else I wouldn’t have such a permanent grin stuck on my face while wearing the lipstick. It is that good.

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