Shiro War of Five Armies Eyeshadow

So began a battle that none had expected

The Battle of the Five Armies has recently hit the cinemas and as with the rest of the Hobbit franchise – it is sure to be a hit.


Inspired by the darkened red-brown of blood spilled on earth, Shiro’s War of Five Armies is gory-ously lust worthy. If anyone’s blood dried half as prettily as War of Five Armies they would probably be anaemic as they wouldn’t be able stop staring at it.

I press down all my loose shadows as I travel so frequently between Hong Kong and England and this was a joy to press, drying smooth with the colour remaining unchanged and pigmented.


Described as being near-matte, you can clearly see shimmer in the pan. However, on skin it translates merely as a very slight sheen (refer to swatch). It is particularly matte when blended while some shimmer is visible when the product is patted on over a priming or foiling product (not shown, all swatches are over bare skin).


War of Five Armies applied smoothly and despite it’s near-matte nature, was not patchy at all. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to make it look as if you spent a whole hour blending your eyes.

Ranging from a blackened bistre to a vampish oxblood under different lighting, this is the one burgundy shade everybody needs in their collection.


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