MAC Shy Girl Lipstick

Standing with the wallflowers.

Shy Girl happens to be the first MAC product I’ve ever brought for myself and I had just purchased my third tube, which meant that – of course – I should probably do a review for it. I can never seem to wear MAC Shy Girl without remembering how awkward it had been for me in store.


Just like the heroine of O-Town’s Shy Girl, I tried to draw as little attention to myself as possible. Instead of being a mermaid out of water – I felt like a tadpole drowning in the ocean. Picking up the tube, discreetly heading towards the counter, hoping the SA wouldn’t pop up and offer their help (aka. their hard-selling techniques), I prayed that my purchase would end without trouble.

Warning: Ahead you may find the ancient language of sarcasm utlized by a certified whiner

Thankfully, that was exactly how my shopping trip went.

At least it was until the person at the counter casually said that the colour wouldn’t look good on me (actually, she told me it would make me look dead), having glanced at me for a split second before deactivating the security on the lipstick.

…Then asking me if I would like to buying a baby-pink blush and a tube of Angel instead saying that they were more popular for girls my age (I was 15? 16? at that time) – in addition to Shy Girl, having only just said the colour wouldn’t flatter me.

And that had really annoyed me. Not in the Uchiha “you’re annoying, but I love you” way either.

Firstly, why should younger girls be stereotyped as Angel-wearing clones of each other when they visit MAC? Mind you, Angel is gorgeous – but just how much more colour would that bring to my face? It is just as pale and even less saturated than Shy Girl. Don’t even get me started on the blush! The notion that we should only wear pale baby pinks is even worse.

Secondly, if you’re going to say I akin to a corpse with the product on one minute, don’t say that I should still buy it the next… I so did not just do Catherine Tate’s ‘am I bovvered‘ expression at my monitor as I typed that.

Thirdly, who tells a customer that they look dead with a product of theirs on? No matter how much I looked like a zombie at that moment, should a SA not look past our dark circles and try to think of the consumers feelings?

Honestly, the only thing I wanted was for them to just let me buy what I want!


In the end, I still only brought the lipstick after switching to English instead of my usual Cantonese with a blank smiley face on. Pretending not to have understood a word she said had worked like a charm (which reminds me, if I walk by MAC with a ‘foreign friend’, they never do this to me!). But inside, you would have seen the hashtag sign spring up next to my forehead if I had been an emoji.

So that’s the end of that un-lady-like rant. I digress. Back to the hidden gem that is Shy Girl.


The lipstick is described as a creamy neutral coral beige. On me this read as a light pinkish peach beige. The orange tones in this are so pale in this it no longer seems coral.

A cremesheen finish, this is not drying and wears for a solid 2-3 hours. I particularly love how unlike Creme d’Nude this doesn’t melt easily and settle into lip lines. However, Shy Girl is on the sheerer side, especially if you’re used to more pigmented cremesheens such as Ravishing.

IMG_6934 1

Netherless, Shy Girl makes a great addition to any MAC collection, and it’s wonderful shade for both day and evening looks, able to produce both a girl next door charm for everyday wear and provide enough colour paired with smokey eyes.

As the first lipstick I ever brought for myself from MAC this holds a special place in my heart, and no matter what horrible experience I had at the counter – it will not deter me from going back for more (alas, I will stick to the European counters for now and shop online in Hong Kong).

9 thoughts on “MAC Shy Girl Lipstick

  1. CariadCarys says:

    Oh gosh, so sorry to hear about your less than impressive trip to MAC. You know, I’ve heard too many people complain about their experiences in their stores now and it really isn’t ok! Glad you can find relief in Shy Girl, though – it looks gorgeous. I might pick this up myself!

    Lovely to come across your blog, I look forward to reading more.

    Carys x


    • Jasmine says:

      To be fair, my MAC experiences in UK have always been pleasant and the staff have always been helpful (though I visit MAC only once or twice a year since the closest one is 3 hours away).

      You definitely should check out Shy Girl, it would look lovely on your complexion (especially since it would pull a little pinker <3). I look forward to posting more as well =]

      Liked by 1 person

  2. theglamlife101 says:

    Woow some of the mua’s at MAC can ve rude sometimes! In the stores near me they dont have time for people it seem, they usually want to talk to their fellow staff! However shy girl is such a lovely colour i havent noticed it before in the store, i will definitly look out for it next time!x

    I just posted a new post, would love for you to read and give me tips to improve! Thank you!x


    • Jasmine says:

      You should be able ask them to help you! People like that just aren’t doing their job aren’t they? ><" I hope you find a better experience at MAC as well ❤

      Shy Girl really is lovely isn't it? ^^


    • Jasmine says:

      I’m glad I managed to! I know some other girls at the same age would definitely have been intimidated!
      How did your first MAC experience go? Did you get what you wanted as well?


      • womanseekingmakeup says:

        The first time I went to a MAC it was a counter, and I stood waiting forever for a salesperson. Finally a girl started to help me then she disappeared! Another sales guy took notice of me waiting and asked if I needed help, and when I explained I was waiting for the girl he told me she had gone on break! He helped me out but was pretty busy…I wish someone had told me what I had access to and what I didn’t. I felt uber awkward. The man was trying really hard though, to be fair. He suggested what is now my favorite MAC lipstick. He told me he was getting of work but would have my lipstick waiting at the counter while I browsed the eyeshadows, and when I got to the counter the woman (same as before) had sold it to someone else. Not a huge deal as they had more but it was annoying. I wasn’t there at a peak time or I’d be more understanding, instead I just felt looked over. I feel like you have to know MAC before you go in a store, and yet that’s not possible until you go in a store =/


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