LUSH Copperhead Solid Shampoo Bar

Pouring coffee down on dry earth.

When LUSH released the preview for a new shampoo bar designed specifically for those with dark hair and red tones (hence, Copperhead) in their Kitchen I knew I had to try it immediately.

Copperhead features a rather incensed, earthy scent due to it’s combination of vertivert, henna and coffee which I imagine would be suitable for both the gents and the ladies. A smooth dose of vanilla also graces the shampoo bar, rounding and softening out the notes.


The scent of coffee and wet earth mingled with petrichor emanating proves to be incredibly aphrodisiac (as a lover of smokey scents) and I’m sure devotees of this fragrance family may find themselves falling for the charismatic Copperhead hard and fast.

The shampoo bar lathered generously into silky ‘fluffy bubbles, easily covering my head with a few rubs. It doesn’t hurt that with the additional henna in this shampoo bar it made my hair soft, shiny and manageable to boot.

As someone that washes her hair everyday, this is proving to be able to last just as long as LUSH’s other shampoo bars – which is to say – very long. This would be a great daily shampoo as it isn’t overly stripping or moisturising to the extent of leaving behind a veil of oils either.


A noticeable change in my hair after I swapped to Copperhead is that when air dried instead of blowing with a hair dryer, my hair was straighter (and tamer, with less flyaways) than normal. After 3 washes, red tones already seem more prominent in my hair as well – maybe its a placebo effect? My black hair had already looked different under different lighting normally anyways.

I’m actually a little sad that the scent did not stay in my hair, but others may find this factor an advantage. What does stay however – are the stains it leaves on your towels.


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