Shiro Think. It’s The New Sexy.

Stop boring me and think. It’s the new sexy.

I’m sure all Sherlockians (and CumberCollective/Cumberbabes/Cumberbitches) are likely to recognise where Shiro‘s inspiration for their new Cheekbones “Contouring Powder” Collection came from by now – and indeed – it’s Benedict Cumberbatch’s impossible bone structure.


These are formulated to be exceptionally blendable contouring powders, and Think. It’s The New Sexy. is the sole highlighter of the collection. Being a pursuer of all things highlighting related, I decided that Think. would be coming home with me as soon as the situation presented itself possible.

Let’s begin with the packaging, because of course, the artwork is amazing! The artwork is by Amy Zen and as with all Shiro full size packaging, it comes in a small tub with a sifter attached.

IMG_5137 IMG_5119

Described as a “pale creamy highlight” on the site, I expected it to show on me as a subtle highlight. Unfortunately I had miscalculated, obviously having underestimated the extent of how pale I apparently was. Which was – in the words of a commenter on one of my videos – Sadako-like (for reference, Lancome’s Air de Teint in 005 is a near perfect match, it is only a smidgen darker and pinker than my skin).


As you can see from the swatches, it reads a little too yellow and applies a little too dark to be a highlight on my skin. Yet, it isn’t dark enough to serve as a contour either.

I can’t use it all over as a setting powder, but I managed found another use for it. Due to it’s yellow tone, I use it underneath my eyes, where my dark purple circles are situated and like magic – they vanish!


The smooth, non-pore enhancing finish is an added bonus. While the gentle sheen in the formula gives it an incredibly natural finish while brightening the eye area. All these factors combined makes the lazy me very happy. You can just brush it on after tapping off any excess and you don’t even have to work in the product through buffing.

I actually received samples for two more shades in the same Collection (yes, that’s how impressed I am by the formula!) in the same order and I’m looking forward to reviewing them soon as well. While I’m writing this review, I’ve noticed that Shiro has just introduced two new colours in the cool toned family for the new year and I’m going to be placing orders for them as well. Do Your Research looks like it’ll be a suitable contour shade for me.


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