LUSH Pearls Massage Bar

Too tough a love.

On paper the LUSH Pearls Massage Bar should be everything I love.

Close Up

From the fun factor of neon pink sago bubbles to the ever-delectable Rose Jam Shower Gel scent (a guilty pleasure of mine). It even provides more moisture than that of an usual massage bar due to the addition of antioxidant argan oil. And of course- the visuals. Oh god, the visuals! Just look at how stunning that bar is! Pearls is by far the most bright and colourful of the bunch to look at; particularly in store, surrounded by the more creamy pale beiges of the other massage bars.

So why is it that I would rather go buy some cocoa butter and DIY a bar instead of going back for another?

As with all of the other Rose Jam scented products LUSH has released, the scent is heavenly especially if you are partial towards sweet, sweet floral scents. The original Rose Jam scent is a rose heavy lemonade with a nice helping of vanilla and sugar, while Pearls smells of a few drops of Vanillary perfume into your Rose Jam Bubbleroon bath.

The solid oil portion of the bar, made up predominantly of cocoa butter, melted down easily and was pleasant to use as both a massage oil and an after shower lotion. The scent lingers throughout the day and is a wonderful relaxing treat just before bed as well (this leaves my pyjamas smelling beautiful!).


The achilles heel of this otherwise perfect product is its inclusion of the sago bubbles. Supposedly added to “massage the skin and help boost circulation”, the scratching these sago balls caused certainly boosted my circulation, causing minor inflammation and lots of redness. If anything, the only body part I had ‘massaged’ would be the palm of my hand. The sago bubbles rendered the bar hard to keep a hold of as it digs into the palm of your hands (ouch!) and you couldn’t hold the bar the other way around as well (or you’d be scratching another part of your body instead).

While sago bubbles are nice when soaked in liquid – becoming squidgy and soft with a stiffer jello texture – when dry they are hard, have no known cosmetic benefits and fail to stick together or to any other product. Falling off the bar in minuscule parts, streaking neon pink dye all over you are the only uses they seem to serve in this product.


Normally, I’m able to get 7 to 8 full body uses out of similar sized massage bars (eg. Tender Is The Night and Percup), however, maybe it was due to the added weight of the sago bubbles, and the fact that product captured between the sago bubbles went to waste, but I could only get 6 (and maybe a half?) uses out of the product.

Ultimately, while I do love the pale white beige portion of this gorgeous bar, the sago bubbles really let me down. LUSH should consider re-releasing this without sago bubbles, its doesn’t help with neither massaging or exfoliation. Though, one thing it does well is replicating the scratches I receive from my chihuhahua when I forget to cut his nails.


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