Frank Cacao & Chocolate Scrub

The scrub that calls me babe.

“Get naked. Get dirty. Get rough. Get clean.”
This was the message that first greeted me as I opened my -frankly speaking- incredibly punny parcel.


Originally, I had ordered Frank Cacao & Coffee Scrub as an impulse buy, enchanted by its witty marketing and the ‘before and after’ photos of people having used Frank on problematic skin littered around the blogosphere. However, after opening my own bag of gorgeous smelling scrub I have since become a frankfurt (the neologistic term for Frank scrub converts).


Frank may be one of the most overhyped products I have ever seen, but the hype is well justified. After my first experience using it in the showers, I was already rushing into my dorm-mate’s rooms, telling them that they had to try it. I came out feeling perked up by the scent of delicious chocolate covered coffee beans, warm (as the scrub got my circulation going) and my skin was baby soft.
 Description Card

Albeit, when I first used the scrub on my hands they became red on some areas, but it is likely that it was due to my allergies to dish washing agents not having been cleared completely – in which I should warn you to not use Frank on – or near – open wounds and eye areas. Always do a patch test before using it all over you body (beware false alarms! My neck turned red when I first used it, but quickly calmed 3 minutes after) and no matter how good it smells – resist the urge to bite into it!

Front Back

If you are still in the deciding moments of whether you want to treat yourself to Frank, I’d say go for it. There are currently four versions of the scrub (Orange, Coconut, Cacao, the newly released Peppermint) and a nourishing lotion, you won’t regret letting him envelope you in his magic!


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