MAC Shy Girl Lipstick

Standing with the wallflowers.

Shy Girl happens to be the first MAC product I’ve ever brought for myself and I had just purchased my third tube, which meant that – of course – I should probably do a review for it. I can never seem to wear MAC Shy Girl without remembering how awkward it had been for me in store.


Just like the heroine of O-Town’s Shy Girl, I tried to draw as little attention to myself as possible. Instead of being a mermaid out of water – I felt like a tadpole drowning in the ocean. Picking up the tube, discreetly heading towards the counter, hoping the SA wouldn’t pop up and offer their help (aka. their hard-selling techniques), I prayed that my purchase would end without trouble.

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Shiro War of Five Armies Eyeshadow

So began a battle that none had expected

The Battle of the Five Armies has recently hit the cinemas and as with the rest of the Hobbit franchise – it is sure to be a hit.


Inspired by the darkened red-brown of blood spilled on earth, Shiro’s War of Five Armies is gory-ously lust worthy. If anyone’s blood dried half as prettily as War of Five Armies they would probably be anaemic as they wouldn’t be able stop staring at it.

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LUSH Copperhead Solid Shampoo Bar

Pouring coffee down on dry earth.

When LUSH released the preview for a new shampoo bar designed specifically for those with dark hair and red tones (hence, Copperhead) in their Kitchen I knew I had to try it immediately.

Copperhead features a rather incensed, earthy scent due to it’s combination of vertivert, henna and coffee which I imagine would be suitable for both the gents and the ladies. A smooth dose of vanilla also graces the shampoo bar, rounding and softening out the notes.


The scent of coffee and wet earth mingled with petrichor emanating proves to be incredibly aphrodisiac (as a lover of smokey scents) and I’m sure devotees of this fragrance family may find themselves falling for the charismatic Copperhead hard and fast.

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Chanel Complete Correction CC Cream

Cosmetic alliteration.

At the Heathrow Airport, whilst purchasing some last minute souvenirs to bring back to Hong Kong a sweet SA had offered me the chance to try out the Chanel CC “Complete Correction” Cream (i.e. she walked up to me with a bottle and squeezed a good amount of product onto the back of my hand and gave me a small sample), so after applying it to my face – which was – at the time, clean and free of makeup as I was about to board a 12 hour flight, I continued to look around to see how it would fare on my skin.


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Sleek i-Divine Palette Garden Of Eden

Must be sin to feel this good.

Sleek i-Divine Palette in Garden Of Eden is a collection of earthy, nature inspired colours that never go out of style. Nude palettes have been a trend since Urban Decay’s Naked Palette was released, but Sleek gives it a heavenly twist with it’s addition of dusky plums and mossy greens.


While I unfortunately missed the limited edition packaging with the pattern of a creeping snake, I can definitely imagine attending Hogwarts wearing the Slytherin worthy emeralds and going out for butterbeer in those cool toned browns. Shame we’re not winning the House Cup this year on Pottermore either, I’d have the perfect palette for celebrating…

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